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                HB404P / HB404W Intelligent AC / DC Power Meter

                HB404P / HB404W Intelligent AC / DC Power Meter

                  • One、Overview

                  HB404P / W uses single chip microcomputer as the core processor, and simultaneously collects the voltage and current across the consumer electronics.

                  Calculate the power consumed by the consumer. HB series intelligent power meter has accurate measurement and can work stably for a long time.

                  HB404P / W instrument is widely used in electric power, lighting equipment testing, mechanical and electrical equipment factory testing and other occasions.

                  • TWO、Features

                  ◆ Automatic display unit and decimal point conversion

                  ◆ Two relay alarm outputs, the alarm range can be set arbitrarily

                  ◆ Analog current transmission output, the transmission output range can be set arbitrarily

                  • Third、the technical parameters

                  1. Working power: AC / DC85 ~ 260V (other power can be customized)

                  2. Input voltage: 0 ~ 400V

                  3. Input current: 0 ~ 5A

                  4. Measurement accuracy: 0.5 level

                  5. Display range: -1999W ~ 9999KW

                  6. Measurement method: active power

                  7. Transmission accuracy: 0.5% FS

                  8. Dimensions: 96 × 48 × 82mm

                  9.Opening size: 92 × 44 mm

                  10. Operating environment: 0 ~ 50 ℃; ≤85% RH