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                online service


                XMT614 Series Intelligent PID Temperature Controller

                XMT614 Series Intelligent PID Temperature Controller


                  • 一、Feature

                  ◆ Modular design, SMT process, high-performance switching power supply

                  ◆ Five control methods are available:

                  0, two-way relay alarm

                  1. Relay J1 alarm output; relay J2 contact PID output

                  2. Two relay alarm outputs; one SSR level contactless PID output

                  3. Two relay alarm outputs; one SSR level difference control output

                  4. Relay J1 alarm output; relay J2 hysteresis control output

                  ◆ The meter can display the temperature value in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

                  ◆ Super strong PID auto-tuning function, automatically adapt to the controlled object, especially suitable

                  Incubator, heating furnace, etc.

                  • Two、Technical parameters

                  • 1. Working power: AC / DC85 ~ 260V (other power can be customized)

                  • 2. Input signal: thermocouple: T, R, J, B, S, K, E, WRe3-WRe25

                  • Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50

                  • 3. Power consumption: less than 2W

                  • 4. Sampling rate: 4 times / second

                  • 5. Display range: full range of input signal

                  • 6. Accuracy: 0.2% FS ± 1 word

                  • 7. SSR level: DC 8V / 30mA

                  • 8. Contact capacity: AC250V / 3A; DC24V / 5A

                  • 9. Operating environment: 0 ~ 50 ℃; ≤ 85% RH